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September 15, 2005

Retard strength is no myth

Retard strength is no myth

Just like the Michael Penn record
So the other day this wacked-out 13-year-old boy went ape-shit on his school bus and started beating the shit out of the bus driver and a few other people with a broomstick.

As the Boston Herald described it:

A 13-year-old boy went on a rampage on a Boston school bus yesterday afternoon, attacking a bus driver and bus monitor with a broomstick as terrified bystanders frantically called 911 for help, witnesses said.

The alleged assault by the McKinley School student happened as the bus prepared to make a stop in Roxbury. The student got off the bus, then reboarded and attacked the driver and monitor again before fleeing the scene before police arrived, witnesses said.

So I guess the po-po eventually caught up with the young assailant and threw his ass in lock-up where he belongs. Only, come to find out, this wacked-out 13-year-old boy was actually a 10-year-old fourth-grader with "special needs" who just so happens to weigh 170 pounds.

Again, the Boston Herald:

The grandmother of a 10-year-old fourth-grader is outraged that the special needs boy was locked up overnight for assaulting a bus full of drivers and students instead of being taken for help. ...

Police believed the boy was 13 when they picked him up, the grandmother said. Speaking on the condition neither she nor her grandson be identified, she said her grandson is subject to mood swings and has been on and off numerous medications. He was arrested two years ago, at age 8, after a similar outburst on a school bus.

This calls to mind a similar incident in Chicago where they actually zapped the tard with a taser and it ended up dying. In either case, I don't know that you can fault the police. I was once kicked in the nuts by a tard in a high school soccer accident and was damn near killed.

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