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September 08, 2005

Where is Don Spears?

Where is Don Spears?

As many of you know, there was recently a bad, bad storm in New Orleans. Actually, the storm wasn't really as bad as the subsequent flooding and the general ineptitude of whoever was supposed to be in charge of making sure that thousands upon thousands of people weren't left for dead.

But now is not the time to turn this into some sort of "divisive issue." Many people are still left stranded and in danger of dying, including some famous artists. Aaron Neville and Harry Conick, Jr., who have apparently been finding work for the past 15 years or so, made it out and have taken the events as an opportunity to get on TV again, if only for a brief moment. Fats Domino and Alex Chilton (for whom the children sing) were feared dead for a while, but then turned out to be alive. Huzzah.

I've been following the news surrounding this, somewhat, for the past week or so and I've yet to hear any news, good or bad, about the whereabouts of - quite possibly - the greatest writer of our time, Don Spears. Mr. Spears, you'll recall, is the author of In Search of Goodpussy - made famous in gully circles by the comedian David Cross. My mom picked up a copy at a mid-'90s Missouri Black Expo, where the author allegedly tried to pick up on her. But that's neither here nor there.

If anyone has any knews about his whereabouts, please contact whoever you would contact in that case.

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