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July 21, 2005

What is a hollaback girl, anyway?

Old Gwen

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months or so there's no doubt that you've heard this ridonkulous new Gwen Stefani record, "Hollaback Girl." It's one of those unfortunate songs not unlike "Together Forever" by Rick Astley and "Gone" by N'Sync that even manages to get played on the black station. Which is shocking to me. If you would've told me 8 years ago that Gwen Stefani was about to become the next "George Michaels" of the hood, I would've hit you with the classic, "Nigga, please!"

But the question remains: Who or what exactly the fuck is a hollaback girl, anyway? I mean, if this was a slang term that actually existed before she decided to make a song about it a year ago, then clearly this was something that was confined solely to Orange County and had yet to filter out to the rest of us.

So I went where I always go when I'm searching for meaning in life, the Urban Dictionary, and found the following list of possible definitions for the term "hollaback girl."

The thing about the Urban Dictionary is that any old asshole can add a definition to a term if she wants, so it's likely that most if not all of these are inaccurate. Currently, there are 53 definitions for the term "hollaback girl." I went through and highlighted the ones that seemed most (OK, somewhat) likely to be correct.

2.  Hollaback Girl
An attractive girl but not the cream of the crop.

6.  Hollaback Girl
A Cheerleader who hollars in the background which most people ignore. Since you can't ignore Gwen Stefani, she ain't no 'hollaback girl'.

9.  hollaback girl
someone who just echoes the opinions of those who are popular and has no real opinions of their own; someone who rides the wave of someone else's popularity

17.  Hollaback Girl
Another example of white people mis-using Black, urban slang. Originally used as a verb ("Holla back, girl."), it is now mis-used as a noun.

21.  hollaback girl
A girl who gets mad when people are talking shit about them and confronts them starting a verbal fight. She hollers back at them.

26.  hollaback girl
Girls that puts up on the first date -she doesn't need a second or third date-.

36.  hollaback girl
A girl that is 35 and still in high school and hires small japanese women to follow her around.

44.  hollaback girl
a girl who let's herself get walked all over and doesn't stand up for herself

Whoever the young genius was that came up with number 36 probably should have phrased it differently, but that's the one I think I'm going with, myself.

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