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May 05, 2005

What happened to that boy?

Dave Chappelle

According to the news, “production of the popular Comedy Central series “Chapelle’s Show” has been suspended and its third season’s premiere indefinitely delayed.” Last summer, Dave signed a deal with Comedy Central “reportedly worth $50 million for a third and fourth season. The two year agreement also allowed Chapelle to develop other programming for the cable channel and cut him in on DVD sales, a lucrative factor considering his series’ first –season DVD sold more than 2 million copies.”

Man, this shit is fucked up on so many different levels.

1. Chappelle’s Show happens to be one of my all time favorite shows.

2. This jig was the only young cat of the hip hop generation currently doing it in a major way on network television.

3. Dude just pocketed $50 effin million bucks and he’s not delivering.

So help me God, I’m hoping the gay jew cracka ass crackas over at Comedy Central are being all types of racists and fagged out with Dave, fucking with him, impeding him and the production of his show the way jealous fagged out crackas do when a jig of “power” starts making moves and pushing the envelope with material they deem to be too “racy” or “controversial.” I’m praying they’re hating big time on that jigged out, fat lipped buck toothed narrow ass negorid because of the size and weight of his deal and making him go through all types of fucked up shit Faggywood makes a nigga go through just so he can earn his keep.

I’m hoping all of this because if this debacle is somehow that nigga’s fault, if that effin jig took that $50 million and decided that he just ain’t delivering on some quasi hip hop hype inspired thug life shit, or if he’s somewhere on his 65-acre farm in the cornfields of Ohio, where he lives with that chigger wife and two children of his, smoking major dank and wanking the eff off hourly on a daily basis, that bitch ass nigga just fucked it up for every talented jig trying to get their fifteen seconds of fame up in Faggyywood. If that’s the case, Dave’s in major trouble cause those jew fag cracka ass bastids don’t play when it comes to their money and niggas effin it up. I hope this is not the case, because if it is, we may have seen the very effin last of Dave “I’m Rich Bitch” Chappelle.

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