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April 04, 2005

DeAndre Palmer = A gay plagiarist

A faggot

I just got off the phone with a bitch named Angela, a faggot named DeAndre and some old jig who only referred to himself as, alternately, "The Father" and "Her Husband." The nature of the phone call had to do with the fact that I received an email earlier today from my man (no homo) Serg from We Eat So Many Shrimp alerting me to the fact that this kid bitch DeAndre runs a site called PrettyFlaco.com in which he's been copying and pasting entire posts from my site (you're on it) and trying to pass them shits shit off as his own. He also did the same thing with several posts from Sean and Ryan's MP3 blog, Popadopalis, and Serg's other blog, Beer and Rap.

First I talked to the old man, who obviously has no idea of what the Internet is. I told him I got his phone number by running a whois on the PrettyFlaco.com domain, which turned up the name Angela Palmer and the number +1.8707774919. I told him about why I was calling, to which he responded, "So why are you calling me at midnight about this?" Then he put Angela on the phone, but she turned out to be about as clueless as he is. I told her I needed to get into contact with DeAndre, so she handed the phone back to the old man, who, I guess, told DeAndre to pick up.

The old man then listened in as I laid down the law on his little faggoty son. First of all, I confronted him about the shit he was up to, which he at first tried to deny. I told him my name was Byron and he fronted like he had no idea who I am. He even had the sheer balls to ask me if I was from Hope, Arkansas, where he's apparently located. Then I just went on a gully-ass tirade, confronting him with the facts on why he's a lying, gay plagiarist, cursing out both him and his father, and letting him know that he had better take my shit down by the time I get off from work tomorrow or else there'll be hell to pay, even if it means me taking a trip down to Arkansas.

As I'm writing this, I see he's taken down most of the offending posts and put up this post (all of these links open in pop-up windows). I like how he tries to sound all gully despite the fact that I just had both him and his father crying on the phone like the little bitches that they are. DeAndre, don't think that I won't kick the living shit out of a 60-year-old man if I have to. As my homeboy Fitz will tell you, I have no soul and no remorse. Fortunately, I was able to copy a few examples of his plagiarism before he got rid of all of the evidence. For whatever reason, his site doesn't show up in any of the caches I could find.

Here's the first paragraph of my review of that Game album and here's his version. Here's a post I did about Eminem for The Shrimp and here's his version of the same post. I didn't bother to copy down where he was borrowing other people's shit, but even after deleting everybody else's shit, I see he's still trying to pass off this post about Vin Diesel, which he copped from Sleepnotwork, as his own. I guess he figured nobody would ever recognize that shit since nobody reads Sleepy's shit anyway. Damn.

All I really know at this point is that that that little bitch better hope he never fucks around and tries to plagiarize any of my shit again in his life. Because I will fucking destroy him.

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