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March 08, 2005

Rap snitch knish?

Now there's a lot of hype today surrounding Lil Kim's trial, specifically a lot of  her fans calling out members of the Jr. Mafia for being snitches for dropping dime on Lil' Kim's perjuring ass. Now I know all these muh'  fuckers were the Notorious B.I.G.'s weed carriers, but shit, I'd be a weed carrier for the nicest emcee anyday (R.I.P. B.I.G.). Anyways, I happen to know Cease personally and I give dude a lotta respect because 1) he had aspirations to graduate from weed carrier to emcee 2) he still strives to carry on the legacy (?) of Junior Mafia, 3) B.I.G. had mad love for dude  4) I still see dude in the hood on the regular (no homo), and 5) I'd be pissed off as shit too if I went from being Big's weed carrier to Lil' Kim's weed carrier!

Anyways, about a year ago, we pollied and he was telling me how Kim had switched up on the legendary (?) J.M.  She started cleaning house, stopped smoking weed which led to her kicking niggas out, stopped hanging out in the hood, stopped rhyming nice, stopped wanting to be black, etc, etc, etc.  Now I can't be mad at a person for cleaning up their act, but it's fucked up when you change up your game on yer niggas after THEY TOOK HEAT FOR BUSTING THEIR GUNS ON BEHALF OF YOU AND YOUR CREW'S REP!

Shortly after the shooting incident outside of New York City's Hot 97 radio station with several members of the C-N-N's weed carriers, it seems like Cease and the Mafia had a lil legal issue and needed some cash to keep their asses out the clink and the only one who could've helped them was the Queen Bee (who was the only one in the "familia" making money).  As I heard, she looked at dudes in the face and said something like "why don't ya'll niggas man up and start handling yer business dude!"  Now in any other situation, she might have been right, but in this instance, she kinda shitted on her familia, her gun busters # uno, her top weed carriers!!!  Allegedly, when shit went down at Hot 97, the J.M. were down for whatever and would've taken all types of bids for gun busting.  But when babydoll flipped and left her jigs hanging dry, yo, loyalty has it's limits! 

What's worse is Damien "D-Rock" Butler and former bodyguard Suif "Gutta" Jackson (who are prominent members of the Mafia and who were affecttionately mentioned often by the late Frank White) confessed to the first shooting because they wanted to protect the legacy of the J.M (it doesn't help that they also got caught).  They're inside doing time and what they're hearing on the outside is that Kim has disassociated herself from the clique which translates into no more commisary, fuck ya'll even.  She even went on the stand and claimed not to know who the 'eff "C Gutta" is. That's some real foul shit to me. Anyways, if I were in any of the J.M.'s shoes, sheet, I'd be singing like Sammy The Bull. Kim baby, you're going down!!!

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