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March 25, 2005

Pete Rock = Not a snitch

Pete Rock

Combat Jack's Top 5 gulliest moments he's experienced first hand in the music industry (that you won't hear about anywhere else on the whole effin planet but here)

#4. Pete Rock Is Not A Snitch

Back around 1993, Pete Rock was God in the greater New York City area. He was in one of the hottest rap groups (Pete Rock & CL Smooth (although I never understood whut the eff CL was saying)), he was producing hits for everyone (RUN DMC, Nas, etc.).

Around that time, a lot of of music industry players came from the Northern town of Mount Vernon (Puffy, Heavy D and the Boyz, Pete and CL). Anyways, Pete at the time, being the good dude that he is, was trying to put a local rap group called the the YG'z (short for “Young Gunz”) on. He provided these dudes with a lil cash, supplied them with ample beats and even got them a record deal with either Uptown or MCA. The problem was that these cats were really turrible. In addition, these dudes were all like ex-cons or professional crooks or some shit like that and they had no reason being in the music industry. Their single comes out and it effin stinks like cabbage and chitlins stew, they get dropped and start leaning on Pete. I guess they figure Pete's gonna continue funding them, “riding” with them or whatever the fuck real thugs think they man's an 'em is supposed to do. Pete, however, realizes that these cats were a bad investment of time and energy and summarily cuts them off.

That summer, I attended a “Mt. Vernon Family Day” picnic. It was one of those picturesque days (like in a music video) and everyone was there enjoying Heavy D's special barbeque chicken and ribs. Pete, with chicken in hand, is rapping to this dime piece on her huge picnic blanket when the YG'z. show up. One of 'em requests Pete's attention and when Pete gets up to talk, the YG knocks Pete Rock in the jaw with an uppercut, catapulting dude clean over the huge ass picnic blanket. The chick is screaming, cats are scrambling to get out of there, Pete is convulsing on the ground with barbeque sauce all over his bright yellow Cross Colours jersey (cause he's knocked the fuck out) and the YG'z are rifling through his pockets Debo style. Heav and the rest of the “Mt. Vernon” crew don't say shit (I guesss because the YG'z were really that gully). Pete then gets up, recovers immediately and sprints, OJ-style, across the picnic grounds with the YG'z on his tail (no homo).

From what I understand, this shit went on for a while. A few months later (winter), I was on my way to attend some music industry black tie event. When I get to the venue, I see Pete running the fuck my way in a tuxedo. I move out of dude's way and a few seconds later, I see the YG'z (not in tuxedo) running after him. Where I'm going with this is that during the entire time that dudes are hazing Pete (let's say a period of like 9 months), Pete never contacts the authorities. He took his multiple beatdowns and terrorizings like a man. He may be a lot of things, but the Soul Brother #1 aint a snitch.

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