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February 24, 2005

The J Roget is back on ice

I see our boy Pope JPII is back in the hospital again and may be undergoing an emergency tracheotomy. While this is good news for the contest (especially to cpt. rojo, who's got today's date locked up), now I'm kinda hoping that the old codger pulls through. First of all, he's got a new book to promote. Not that at a man in his condition could ever actually write a book, but, not unlike the many people who own a copy of The College Dropout, I don't think his core audience cares too much about that sort of thing anyway. Also, think of how cool it would be if the Pope made yet another comeback but had to speak using one of those Roger Troutman voice box thingies. That shit would just be incredible. And you thought the Pope was pimpish before!


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