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February 10, 2005

Memo to Johnny Carson's Corpse: You're Safe. For Now, That Is. (UPDATED!!!)

I received word early this morning from Johnny Carson's 6th trophy wife, Alexis, and his black grandson, Lil' Dick, that Johnny's Corpse will indeed not be buried beneath the surface of the earth, but instead has been cremated.

EDIT: Several people have sent me emails saying that they could vaguely make out the scent of burning racist coming from the West.

As you can imagine, I'm getting hundreds thousands of emails and messages about this Johnny the Racist controversy. What I'm getting from the public and from activist communities now: this still somewhat humane interment ain't cutting it. And organized protest is about to rise up stronger than ever.

Although I helped to start it I am far from the leader of this protest, and it's not my place to dictate the goals or the demands. But I do know that if you agree justice is not yet served, the best thing to do is keep going over NBC's head. Keep hitting sponsors, keep badgering his family members, find out who's holding onto that urn. And keep on sharing any new information you get.

EDIT: I moved the petition to Petition Online, where hopefully it will receive more attention. If you've signed the other one, sign this one also. If you've signed neither, what the hell?

Each of us, as individuals doing our little part, have come together to create something far bigger than us all. And now our collective voice is being heard around the world:

in Australia
in France
in China
on ebay??
in the Netherlands
in Germany
in South Africa
in India
in Harlem
in Korea
in the Netherlands

And on and on and on. So keep watching and keep working, and don't ever doubt that your voice can be heard. (and I don't just mean this for the particular battle we are fighting today)

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