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January 25, 2005

The Tsunami Song: BFD!

I can't believe it's going on a week after the fact and people are still going on about this "Tsunami Song" bullshit. Look, assholes, I can see where some of you might find that kind of thing offensive, but do you know what Bol Guevara finds more offensive than some jigs' silly parody record: Feigned outrage. Since when did the blogosphere turn into the motherfucking O'Reilly Factor? Do you think jigs are really about to boycott Popeye's behind this, as good as that motherfucking chicken is? Hell, I could go for a two-piece and a biscuit right now. It's too bad I don't live in the kind of neighborhood that has a Popeye's Chicken. Or is it?

I think the other thing worth noting here is that the kind of racist humor displayed in Hot 97's "Tsunami Song" is fairly common in the jig community. I know a lot of you people, as culturally inexperienced as you all are, probably think that I'm making that shit up when I post it here, but it's mostly just shit that I heard a million times growing up. Like Asians eating people's pets and Arabs walking into people's garages and walking out with their shit, I can see where people might have a legitimate beef with this, but at the same time, I feel like people are trying to make it seem as if this is an isolated incident involving a few loose cannons, as if this doesn't go on all the time.

It's just like when KRS-One made his statement about the fact that a lot of black people weren't really sweating when 9/11 happened. People got all pissed off about that, but was there a poll conducted, or did people just assume that everybody felt the exact same way about that shit? Let's face it, people from different backgrounds are going to have different ways of dealing with things. I think the vast majority of us felt bad about the fact that so many people died in the Tsunami, but that's really about as far as I went with it. If other people want to commiserate and donate extravagant sums to charity, not unlike so many fat, lonely secretaries with their Hunks of the FDNY calendars, then so be it. But you can count Bol Guevara out.

You can chase Miss Jones and the rest of the crew at Hot 97 off and replace them with a 24/7 loop of Jill Scott records if you want, but I don't know what it's really going to solve. I don't think the kind of people who got so offended by it were even listeners of that station to begin with anyway. To me. what they're trying to do is no better than the people on the religious right who call and bitch to the FCC everytime they hear anything even slightly offensive on TV or the radio.

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