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December 07, 2004

Was it something I said?

So I woke up this morning to find not one, not two, but three emails about Dale Earnhardt in my inbox. For a minute there, I got my hopes up and thought that the son had somehow managed run into a wall and offed himself just like his daddy and that these were just my readers alerting me to the potential schadenfruede. But it turns out that it was just some angry rednecks who had come across my story about Dead Redneck the Elder from a couple of months ago. Dangit!

Here's the most amusing of the emails I've received thus far:

Dude this shit you wrote about Earnhardt is just stupid (whenever the hell you wrote it). You probably don't know a damn thing about racing cause if you did your dumb ass would know it isn't all rednecks. Why don't you give it a try???? I bet you'd be really good at it. HA! The only reason someone like you even has a column like this is cause your outspoken and grab peoples attention by being outspoken. This article has no depth and niether does your stupid ass. That's It!!!  Not cause your a good journalist. I hope you understand that, man. Your sorry as hell, and I KNOW im not the first to bring that to your attention. Grow up man, for real!!


Your Worst Fan

Also, be sure to check out the reactions in my comments section for the post and in the thread at the 4 Cycle Karting Forums. And here, I'll highlight a couple that I found especially amusing:

sounds like a black man wrote this, i ain't racist or nothing but i they seem to think we owe them something...? This guy is obviously an @$$hole and doesn't get that most guys who work for the racing teams have bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering and aerospace technology. They are part of the stoner demographic that just doesn't quite grasp the concept of our sport.



I'm sure it was a black man that wrote that. I agree they think we owe them something. He laughs when Earnhardt died because he was stupid to race cars? Guess what "BRO" I laughed when:

Ron Artest beat up a fan.......Black man
Jamal Lewis, drug trafficking........Black Man
Ray Lewis, accused of murder.......Black man
Ricky Williams, retired from football to be a stoner.......Black man
Mike Tyson, Rape...........Black Man
Lawrence Taylor, Buying crack from undercover agent......Black Man
Steve McNair, DUI......Another Black man
OJ, we all know he did it, another black man again
Darryl Strawberry, cocaine, Black man

I can go on and on...do you see a pattern here???
I'm not racist at all but you got to wonder why these black athletes do such stupid things but they think racing is stupid??? They need to take a long hard look at themselves and realize that we are not the enemy. They are Victims of their very own creation!


Hopefully, this is only the beginning of something that will grow to be as amusing as the Brad Benites incident from back in the day.

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