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October 01, 2004

Wu-Tang Clan - Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1


My Live Wu-Tang Story
I remember I tried to go to a Wu-Tang show once. This was the tour they did with Rage Against the Machine back in '97. I'm sure it would've been a really awesome show (the Wu and Rage? In 1997? Come on...) had they actually shown up, but of course they didn't. I can't remember exactly what happened, but it had something to do with them running afoul of the law in Chicago or some such. They didn't bother announcing it until right when the shit was about to start, so when we got there there was just this huge swarm of dirty looking kids (remember, Rage and the Wu) all assembled around the entrance trying to figure out how to get their $15 back.

Eventually, some of the kids (mostly crackas) just decided to go in and check out the Rage show. I might have too, but $15 was a lot of money to me in 1997. Shit, that's still a lot of money to me now. So I think eventually (it's hard to remember all this shit now) they ended up giving everybody their money back in cash, but it took a while and you had to wait in this huge line for it. After a while, you could tell kids were starting to get antsy because one of the jigs (being Rage and the Wu, this was a pretty interesting mix of kids) started shouting "Fuck Wu-Tang! Fuck Wu-Tang!" and soon enough a buncha other ones joined in. Which I thought was pretty amusing but these two little wiggers behind me were like, "Dude, they better watch what they say about Wu-Tang."

So that's pretty much my live Wu-Tang story. If there's a lesson to be learned here, it's that when a jig spends $15 on a show, he expects a motherfucking show. Crackas, on the other hand, tend to be a lot more understanding about these kinds of things.

This cracka here says this is a "wildly entertaining" CD. I'd have to agree.

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