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November 16, 2003

Site Update

I've been doing a lot of work on this site behind the scenes, I swear. It just looks like I haven't done anything in the last 5 days or so.

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November 10, 2003

Fantasy NBA Week 2

Fantasy NBA

I'm managing two teams this season in two separate leagues, one run by my boy Fitz called Jesus Shuttlesworth and one run by my little brother LS called Make a Wish Foundation. My team in Fitz's league is called Bush Crime Family. My team in LS' league is called Kooch/Sharpton '04.

Bush Crime Family

PG Armstrong, Darrell (PG-NO)
SG Hardaway, Anfernee (SG-Pho)
G Williams, Jason (PG-Mem)
SF Robinson, Glenn (SF-Phi)
PF Walker, Antoine (F-Dal)
F Wallace, Rasheed (PF-Por)
C Nowitzki, Dirk (FC-Dal)
C Bradley, Shawn (C-Dal)
Util Wesley, David (SG-NO)
Bench Billups, Chauncey (PG-Det)
Bench Jackson, Bobby (G-Sac)
Bench Grant, Brian (FC-Mia)
Bench McKie, Aaron (GF-Phi)

Rank: 3 of 10
W-L-T: 11-7-0
Win %: .611
Games Back: 1

Comment: Second week was another solid performance for the Bush Crime Family. We dropped to 3 out of 10, but we're still only 1 game out of first place. Two teams tied for that spot this week. Changes to the line up were relatively minimal. Derek Anderson and Jon Barry waved bye bye to make room for Anfernee Hardaway and Aaron McKie.

Kooch/Sharpton '04

PG Cassell, Sam (PG-Min)
SG Hardaway, Anfernee (SG-Pho)
G Billups, Chauncey (PG-Det)
SF Kukoc, Toni (F-Mil)
PF Laettner, Christian (PF-Was)
F Stojakovic, Peja (SF-Sac)
C Bradley, Shawn (C-Dal)
C Robinson, Clifford (FC-GS)
Util Christie, Doug (SG-Sac)
Util Person, Wesley (GF-Mem)
Bench Peeler, Anthony (SG-Sac)
Bench Marion, Shawn (SF-Pho)
Bench Coleman, Derrick (FC-Phi)

Rank: 10 of 12
W-L-T: 7-11-0
Win %: .389
Games Back: 5

Comment: Second week for Kooch/Sharpton '04 was actually an improvement. Derek Anderson, Jumaine Jones, Voshon Lenard and Pat Garrity all waved bye bye to make room for Anfernee Hardaway, Wesley Person, Anthony Peeler and Derrick Coleman. We dropped to 10 of 12, but we won more games than we did last week and our win% increased from .333 to .389. If we continue to improve like this, we'll begin to move up the ranks towards #1.

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November 09, 2003

(Not So) Interesting Fact

Those retards in Oasis have a tendency to put out albums with really fucked up titles. Either they don't have anybody at their record company to proofread their shit or maybe they do, but every time it happens that kid Liam (the white Bobby Brown) jacks them in the face.

Case in point: (What's the Story) Morning Glory?. For my not so smart readers: You see, if take away that little phrase in the parentheses, you're left with Morning Glory?, which, last time I checked, wasn't an actual question. But maybe it is over in England and I just didn't know about it because I'm not from there.

It doesn't end there though. A few years later, they put out an album called Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. Not Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, but Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. Now I don't care what country you're from (even France), you're not going to be able to convince me that that wasn't some dumb ass's typo.

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November 06, 2003

Gary Leon Ridgway, Lady Killer

Killed a Few Hookers

From Yahoo! News:

In his confession read to the court, Ridgway said, "I picked prostitutes as my victims because I hate most prostitutes and did not want to pay them for sex. I chose prostitutes because I knew they would not be reported missing right away .... I picked prostitutes because I found I could kill as many of them as I wanted without being caught."

I was watching one of these dumb ass shows on Fox News while I was sitting here waiting for my laundry to dry and they showed a clip of this guy walking into the court room and I swear, he has that same exact walk as President Bush. Black people will know what I'm talking about.

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Bush Mengele Bans "Partial Birth Abortions"

Bush Mengele

From Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON - President Bush signed into law the most far-reaching abortion restrictions in three decades Wednesday, an emotionally charged measure already challenged in three federal courts.

A federal judge in Nebraska called the law "highly suspect" and issued a temporary order blocking it from applying to four abortion-rights doctors who filed suit.

I'm just wanna go on record right now as saying that I hate this country and most of the people in it.

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