July 11, 2014

Fap Fap Friday (1)

Continue reading "The week WhiteboyLaflare's good name was called into question"

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That's actually Lebron James' father.

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She contacts him to complain about pics he posted on Twitter and to make threats against his life.

Whiteboy Laflare explains that she got it on with some other guy, whom she threw herself at. The other girl on the line corroborates this.

Jada says she can't remember throwing herself at the other guy, so she didn't. If that's the case, then she also didn't have sex that night. #logic

Once it's agreed upon that this guy didn't do anything other than post the same pics any number of people posted, which he's since deleted, the conversation turns to other crimes she can possibly rat him out for.

Between this audio and a lack of physical evidence, there's no a rape charge against WhiteboyLaflare would stand up in court. Even the dumbass vlogger narrating this video seems to agree and then shifts the conversation to other girls WhiteboyLaflare supposedly had sex with and pics of drug activity and what have you on his TL.

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It's a good thing they got this on tape.

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This is not a war, it's a lynching.

The death toll in the Gaza Strip continues to rise in the fourth day of Israel's aerial offensive. Medical officials in Gaza estimate that at least 22 people were killed Thursday, bringing the number of Palestinian fatalities to 101, about half of them reportedly women and children. No deaths have been reported on the Israeli side.

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